It’s Time To Start Looking Up From Our Phones And Pay Attention

The Leaked Draft Overturning A Woman’s Right To Choose Is One Of The Reasons Why

For a change, the breaking news moniker really was Breaking News.

A leaked draft of a majority opinion from the Supreme Court written by Justice Alito revealed that Roe is about to be overturned and women will no longer have the right to choose and make their own reproductive health decisions.

We hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled. The Constitution makes no reference to abortion, and no such right is implicitly protected by any constitutional provision.

Justice Samuel Alito writing for the majority

So much for sleep.

But to be clear unless we all look up from our phones and start paying attention they’re not going to stop there.

This court and the conservative minority in this country that has managed to gerrymander their way into legislative power have their sights set on more than a women’s right to safe and legal abortion.

But they’re not pro-life.

If they were pro-life they would be against allowing AK-47s to be legal and easier to purchase than a 30-day supply of Allegra-D. They would be more concerned about what happens to a child after they’re born. They wouldn’t be banning books because they don’t like what they say. They would support issues such as Universal Healthcare and the right to clean drinking water.

I’ll say it again — the majority of Americans believe Roe should not be overturned.

You don’t have to believe in abortion or have one to understand and respect that it is the choice of a woman to make that decision and not that of the government.

So the question becomes — what do we do?

I don’t have all the answers right this minute but what I do know is we have to start by picking our heads up out of our phones and pay attention to more than Elon Musk’s latest tweet and who wore the best dress at the MET Gala.

And we have to vote.

We have to come out in numbers like no one has ever seen in a Midterm election and vote — no matter how hard they try and make it to stop us. And we have to help those they’re making it the hardest for.



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Joanne Tombrakos

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